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Points Made Clear: A Matured Relationship without purpose is questionable- WHY?

Mostly, the pleasure of sex and personal unknown reasons, we fail to ask why we go into a relationship. and after all the sexual desires are met, the relationship now becomes conditional. Why would you want to enter into a relationship?

Matured Relationship


Have you ever asked yourself why most relationships fail?, especially in most African countries, it is Sad for a green relationship to all of a sudden Begin to experience all sort of individual mistakes, but rather seen as part of the relationship?


It is dangerous for a relationship to proceed when there are no set goals between both, or probably a convincing reason, especially when one claims to accept without asking why or the purpose. After being In a relationship for a couple of years and not asking the detailed purpose of the relationship, it worked for a while, a while means 2years. Things began to fall apart, the very moment it occurred to ask why I am in a relationship.

This has been in 5 of my unsuccessful relationships, where one of them nearly got into marriage, but upon lessons learned I realize that it is inherited from the foundation of the unpurposeful relationship I found myself, all in the name of Love.


I know few would disagree with the subject, you might be right to disagree or see this as questionable, I stand to be corrected since this is my experience and practical involvement in the relationship without purpose.

I decided not to try any relationship ship until I found myself in another one with a lady who has a guy and yet decided to accept my proposal. This is going to be fun, I questioned myself. After non of my 5 previous relationships worked, I decided to ask more questions relating to why she would want us t be in a relationship, and this was worst as hell.

Due to my experience, I was forced to ask why she would want to be in a relationship up though she is having one guy which I think is enough. putting my previous and past experience, I started asking a bunch of mature questioned, and I realized that the more I ask questions, the more she gets angered and feel I’m being too formal with her.

after few weeks of being with her, she feels uncomfortable in her own way. we could have  gone far if we understood each other

But who would be In a valued relationship and not ask questions to save what he loves? I started questioning her intelligence, and in a few hours and days, the relationship has to end all because one person Is asking too many questions and the other party feels abused.

This does not require any apology or whatsoever, it’s a matter of understanding each other and settling differences. Neither this calls for a breakup. If it happened so, then, the maturity of one side is questionable.

Would entreat all to set goals and purpose before and during your relationship, this would make both aware of their flaws and personally get back on track.




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