Nanumba North Municipal: Six Schools Closed Down In Chamba

Report convened has it that at least six primary schools have been closed down due to the disaster that hits the Chamba community.

Meanwhile, it is established that 548 households of the aforesaid community in the Nanumba North Municipality of the Northern Region have been ripped off, displacing thousands of residents.

Sixteen high tension poles were also affected, causing a cut in power supply to over 16 communities.

Also, report has it that, a 30-minute downpour Tuesday night accompanied by a rainstorm left the residents devastated.

According to them, it started raining around 6:00 pm on Tuesday. A heavy rainstorm then followed.

Residents, who were displaced, are putting up with family members.

Six affected schools have been closed, as a result.

Power supply to Chamba and some 16 communities have been cut affecting water supply.

Six persons were injured

Headteacher Denteh Kofi, who had his newly built house totally ripped off, laments how devastating the situation is since he took a loan to build the house.

Written by Kweku Eshun


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