Ghana’s COVID-19 cases count hits 1,404

Ghana’s Coronavirus situation alarming, case count hits 1,404


Current data available at the official website of the Ghana Health Service indicates that positive cases in the country stand at 1,404 with 341 deaths.

The Ghana Medical Association (GMA) has in a recent statement described the Coronavirus situation in the country as alarming and dire.

According to the association, the country risks a potential increase in the number of positive cases.

The Association added that the upsurge in cases can be attributed to the gross disregard for the preventive protocols among individuals in the country. The statement also adds that the enforcement of the protocols has reduced drastically whilst the importation of cases into the country keeps rising.

“The various major health facilities [especially in the Accra Metropolis] involved in the management of moderate, severe and critically ill Coronavirus patients are overstretched,” the statement indicated.

Before the celebration of Christmas, the country’s coronavirus cases were less than 800. Now the cases have increased to over one thousand in Ghana.

Written by Kweku Eshun


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